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16 Oct

WeOrder partners with Mark Carr Photography to bring beauty and style in every restaurant menu

weorder - mark carr photography

Given that WeOrder aims to be one of the best Orders Management Platform on the market for bars, pubs, cafés, clubs, diners and restaurants, a lot of effort has been put in designing a cool user interface for both venue customers and venue managers.

Of course when it comes to display a restaurant menu, WeOrder can have the best looking user interface on the world but if the images on the menu are not professional enough, you will always end up with what we call a “cheap looking menu”.

If you own a restaurant or in general a food serving venue, you probably already know that aesthetics, style and presentation are as important as the actual taste of each dish.

So, in order to please the eye first and then the palate, there is no better way than to display beautiful images on your menu: “we’re always looking to offer to our customers the best tools to run their businesses, that is why, partnering with a well known photographer like Mark Carr, is the best way to grant to our customers the possibility to have not good, but gorgeous looking menus.” Says Mark Bech Fries, CEO of WeOrder.

Mark Carr Photography is a popular and respected image solutions provider for food and hospitality businesses in the UK and Europe: “We work for restaurants, cafes, takeaways, bars, hotels and all the different kind of food serving venues you can think of. We’re so confident that we can deliver great results and value that we are even prepared to give a 100% money back guarantee. When we met the WeOrder team at the Takeaway Expo, it was clear that they could benefit from our services and apparently they agree with that, so here we are, looking forward to shooting some beautiful images for your menus!” Says Mark Carr, Owner of Mark Carr Photography.

For more information contact:

Mark Bech Fries, Chief Executive Officer, WeOrder LTD,
E-mail: [email protected] – Office Phone: +44 20 3630 1295

Mark Carr, Owner, Mark Carr Photography,
E-mail: [email protected] – Office Phone: 015395 33569