Monthly update: June 2018

The parent company of the largest pizza chain in the Nordics, Kotipizza Group, has joined the Weorder family. To add extra excitement, our team developed a new Kitchen Display System to make life easier for chefs in the kitchen.

Featured new partner: Kotipizza Group

We are delighted to welcome Kotipizza Group to the Weorder family and especially proud of supporting the launch of Kotipizza Group´s new restaurant concept – No Pizza. The latest restaurant has fully digitalized retail experience – from customer orders to food preparation workflow  – all powered by Weorder’s mobile ordering and Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Founded in 1987, Kotipizza is the largest pizza chain in Finland and in the Nordics. Kotipizza Group operates 291 restaurants across multiple brands such as Kotipizza, Chalupa, Social Burgerjoint and No Pizza, which is intended for international expansion. The Kotipizza Group chain sales are expected to reach 126 million euros in 2018.


Digital restaurant

In April 2018, Weorder was chosen by Kotipizza Group as the digital commerce partner to launch a pilot for the new concept restaurant. Group´s management was extremely visionary on the changing Millennials’ mobile first behavior, so they wanted to create a digital experience that would deliver convenience on-demand and frictionless ordering and payment for the customers. Therefore, the restaurant offers 100% digital ordering experience and receives no cash payments.

Either take away or eating at the restaurant, once the order is placed, the customer pays by card directly in the app or at the pick-up and after being alerted that their order is ready – receives the meal with no hassle. The new approach reduces waiting time, removes the need for waiters to take the orders and appeals to the modern customers who want to have convenience and efficiency built into their lives. To top it up, this digital ordering and payment process captures customers profile and order data, which facilitates personalized offers to customers to incentivize visit frequencies and purchases.


Digital kitchen

In addition to the digital order & pay process, Kotipizza Group wanted to further ensure the production efficiency in the kitchen.  To make this possible, we deployed our digital Kitchen Display System (KDS) allowing chefs to track and monitor the incoming orders on tablets. Order items are highlighted and sorted by the pick-up timeline, so the staff can easily see what and when to prepare.

Once an order comes in, the chef at the specific starting station receives the order digitally on the tablet, then prepares the food and once done – passes the order to the next station by swiping the notification window to the right. Now, there are NO MORE PRINTED TICKETS in the kitchen and we can start tracking the production efficiency of each station digitally.


Mobile ordering into the future

Millennials, anyone born between 1981 and 1996, represents the single largest customer segment in the world for the next 30 years to come. This group of customers is tech-savvy and mobile first, which means they expect the first interaction with any brands (restaurants, stores, etc) to be via their mobile devices. According to Oracle Global Research 2017, 72% of the Millennials want to purchase products or services via a company’s app and close to 65% prefer to flag issues and raise complaints via a company’s app. In other words, mobile is well-poised to become the main communication and commerce channel for restaurants and F&B operators alike 😊



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