Digital commerce became a necessity in 2018

Consumer shift into mobile-first being inescapable, restaurants have realized the humongous value of online ordering data. Don´t miss out!


2018 has been a tremendous year for the food and beverage (F&B) sector. As delivery services have become even more common, so is self-pick up and pre-ordering due to the younger generations being wait-time sensitive and wanting to be in control of their ordering methods and processes via mobile devices. Also, restaurant operators have become much more focused to manage their own customer and sales data; and have found the solution in digital commerce platforms that capture all orders done online.

At Weorder, we have seen some of our clients increase their digital orders to 50% and above of total sales this year. While this has been an exponential growth, the customer mobile usage is expected to further increase in 2019. Given the data, we expect that more restaurant operators will realize the benefit of digitally processed sales.



Yum Brands (the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell, and the world’s largest restaurant group) has publicly announced that they will be going online – focusing heavily on eCommerce to become more customer centric. Yum Brands has just acquired QuikOrder, a digital ordering software company which already services Pizza Hut to accelerate its eCommerce growth.

It is estimated that 50% of Pizza Hut’s orders today are already being processed digitally through the platform. Being able to learn what, when and how often customers order, the pizza giant will be able to gain substantial knowledge about their customers and use insights to increase its sales and deliver better products. Yum Brands is estimating that online ordering revenue will grow more than twice in the next few years.

This digitalization trend, while already proven by the mobile success of Starbucks, represents a large step forward for the overall F&B industry. Naturally, not every operator has the financial muscles to acquire or build their own digital commerce system as it requires solid capital investments. This is precisely how Weorder can help – by digitalizing our client sales and customer base, with a fraction of the cost of Starbucks’ and Pizza Hut’s investments.




Nordic markets have long been the early adopters of technology and mobile payments. Thus, it is not a surprise that restaurants in this region have noticed the value of online ordering and data it delivers. Perhaps, this is due to the high cost in human services. Perhaps – due to the usage of digital ordering is simply more efficient for the modern customers. Whether former or latter the benefit, the Nordic operators are quickly catching up with the global F&B digital trends led by American operators.

As for Weorder, our client base has increased by over 300% this year alone. On top, our clients have gained an impressive increase in mobile ordering volume, which has made us confident that the age of digital commerce is no longer a futuristic discussion of tomorrow – it became a necessary reality in 2018.


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