Kitchen Display

The modern & easiest way to manage your kitchen order process.

A Digital & Paperless Flow

With Weorder KDS, all order will be processed and managed digitally – this means no more paper tickets. You can now measure and increase the kitchen efficiency and your staff will not only have an overview of where the orders are in the preparation process, but they can can easily monitor, edit and send the ordersdigitally between different stations in the kitchen.


No more pen and paper for taking and managing orders. With one simple tab, your staff can easily and quickly inform all stations which orders are being processed and completed.

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Real-Time Overview of Orders

Weorder KDS provides full overview of all orders so your staff can feel confident and enpowered. From pre-orders, takeaway, to delivery orders, KDS will give your staff complete management visibility of which orders to process, in real-time.

Multiple-Station support

Weorder KDS can be configured to fit a one-man kitchen, or scale up to support multiple kitchen stations. Sending orders between stations is easily done with a simple swipe – everything is digitally processed and monitored to ensure the smoothest workflow in the kitchen.

Comes With Our Cashier
Display System (CDS)

Weorder M-POS is a fast, easy to use and mobile driven point of sale solution that built for your restaurant, bar or coffee shop.