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08 Sep

Foodtech challenge 2014: every challenge hides a great opportunity

WeOrder at Foodtech Challenge 2014

On the second half of September WeOrder will attend the Foodtech Challenge 2014 in Milano, Italy. The Foodtech Challenge is a popular startup related event for the food industry, a perfect match for our innovative approach and technology.

Together with other participants we will do our best to innovate towards the whole food/beverage sector and, especially in our case, for the restaurant/hospitality industry.

This is a great opportunity for us to make an impact in this ever changing and fast paced world, where we are always pursuing the right balance between the need to always be connected and life enjoyment.

We hope to become one of those companies able to achieve this delicate balance, enabling restaurant customers to use their smartphones, not only to chat or read emails, but also to improve the overall ordering experience when they are out to enjoy a good meal.

You can read more information about the event here: