Cashier Display

Weorder CDS is a fast and easy way to display all the essential order information. It can work with or without a POS, but most importantly, it is a modular mobile-driven product that is integrated and complementary to KDS.

Start taking orders from day one

Takes 1-minute form setup to be completely ready. The touch-optimized interface gives your full confidence and control. Everything in one package without any hassle.

Built with all the features you need

Similar to a POS system, Weorder CDS gives you all the essential features without the expensive pricetag because it is FREE! Control items, pricing, modifiers, discounts and much more – in one easily managed solution adapted to fit your most essential needs to process an order.

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Buzz Your Customers,
the Modern Way

Weorder CDS allows your to buzz your customers as soon as the orders leave the kitchen, automatically. There is no more manual work needed and old restaurant buzzers are just so 90s.

Easy payment

Accept any payment methods easily with our fully secured digital payment solution. No more expensive rentals of credit card processing machines or clunky terminals!

Keep your orders digital
No more printers - no more print slips

Weorder CDS works directly with the Weorder KDS. Following and tracking orders digitally gives you full order management control and provides statistical oversight of your order process through any step.