WeOrder is a full featured software platform for desktop and mobile devices, designed to ease the life of both venue customers and venue managers: quick orders (in-venue, for delivery or pickup), loyalty deals and mobile payments included, everything hassle free.

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WeOrder in 3 basic steps

Open the menu


At the table or from your home, read the NFC enabled sticker and open the menu of your favourite venue.
WeOrder suggests


See the nutritional facts of each product and get suggestions based on your tastes and those of your friends.
Order and Pay


No more waiting and queues! When YOU are ready place your order, then pay right away with your phone.

Quick orders and great recommendations

Do you remember those long waiting times in a venue before someone show up to take your order?

That won’t ever happen again.

Order as soon as you sit at the table, on the way to the venue or from your home. See the suggestions and get recommended based on your personal tastes or those of your friends, you won’t regret it.

Easy and secure mobile payments

Forget your wallet and pay directly with your phone. You only need to enter your credit card details once and then WeOrder will take care of everything else.

Simple and Secure, the way it should be.

Are mobile transactions secure? Yes. WeOrder is using one of the biggest Payment Solution Providers in the world and all your payments are processed directly via their high security servers infrastructure.

Deals and special events

How cool would it be to know all the deals and the events of your favorite venue(s) in advance?

Here you are satisfied.

WeOrder will always let you know if your favourite venues have some new promotions or discounts reserved to its customer and you will never miss a deal or a special event again.

Amazing backend features

Did we mention the amazing analytics and the loyalty deals feature that you can manage from our web backend? If you’re a venue owner you should consider trying WeOrder today.

Contact us for a free demo at [email protected] and we will get back to you with a trial access to our complete system for managing your menus, orders, deals and events.
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Yes, WeOrder is able to print orders and receipts on any printer.

We support every printer whose drivers are available on a normal PC connected to your network. However, if you need to buy a new printer, we suggest Star Micronics printers since they are cheaper and widely used.

WeOrder integrates with wiMAN routers that enables each venue to allow free wifi connectivity through social logins such as Facebook or Google.

Yes, within the WeOrder web backend you can configure your default menu language and then translate it into as many languages as you want.

WeOrder mobile payment gateway accept these cards:

WeOrder-VisaWeOrder-Visa debitWeOrder-Mastercard debitWeOrder-MastercardWeOrder-EurocardWeOrder-Cartasi

WeOrder supports all POS system with external APIs, like Erply.
If you don’t know if your POS has external APIs, we will be happy to figure it out for you.
If you don’t have a POS system or if your POS system doesn’t come with external APIs,
we can provide you one that meets the required technical specs.

WeOrder allows you to promote your venue in several different ways:
accessing the web control panel you can create deals, loyalty discounts
and custom promotions for your customers.

With the upcoming WeOrder release you will be also able to run proximity marketing
campaigns, thanks to our partnership with ProxToMe, which is one of the most
innovative companies in the field of proximity marketing services.

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